When Covering Big Voices Goes Wrong… Or Very Right

Judges in the big singing competitions like The Voice, The X Factor, and especially American Idol have advised its contestants to stay away from some big voiced singers. So what happens when they try to pull it off?

Let’s start off with the success, so we don’t cringe in agony for too long.

Attempt: Adele

Technically this isn’t an Adele song, though the song was recorded for her sophomore set 21. Candice Glover, AKA Season 12 American Idol winner, recently nailed Lovesong with Mariah Carey throwing glitter at her, Keith Urban bowing to her, and Randy Jackson calling it one of the best performances in American Idol history. And quite honestly, they’re not exaggerating one bit.

Attempt: Aretha Franklin

So even though Kelly Clarkson is a big voiced diva herself, she still deserves a spot on the list for some incredible work on Idol. What made Clarkson truly excel on the show was her soul. She took on the Queen of Soul week after week and nailed it each time. Her Respect was screaming with vengeance, while her Natural Woman was… WHEW.
Natural Woman

Attempt: Whitney Houston

Jessica made headlines last year for actually doing Whitney justice on American Idol when she took on the pinnacle of Whitney: I Will Always Love You. Did it live up to Whitney? Probably not. But for being 19 years old, she did a damn good job.

And the bad….

Attempt: Adele

Excuse my french, but what the hell was this? It wasn’t even Adele, it just sounded like she was reciting demonic chants while being constipated. I only wish I could hear a comment from Simon Cowell on this… noise.

Attempt: Christina Aguilera

I actually kind of secretly liked CeCe Frey on the X Factor but… After re-watching this I want to hit myself over the head with a brick for ever liking her. The pitch was everywhere, the attitude was awful,  messy melismas, and the nasally singing was funnier than she ever will be… Okay maybe she needed the brick. The only good thing was her stage presence, because that was definitely there. But I honestly don’t know how she made it to the next round, let alone 5th place.

Attempt: Kelly Clarkson

Kelly often doesn’t go recognized as a “Stay Away From Covering Her or Your Career Will Collapse” kind of singer like fellow greats Mariah and Whitney. But she really needs too, to prevent people like Lazaro Arbos from attempting songs like Breakaway. At this point I wanted to him to Breakaway too, Breakaway from the show and never come back.
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