Zayn Malik: Voice Profile and Vocal Range


Vocal Range: G2 – Eb5 – A5

Vocal Type: Lyric Tenor (3 octaves)

Positives: A voice that has a distinctive tone and texture that can separate him from his (former) band members. A smokey texture is present throughout the voice, especially in the middle register. Good phrasing shows a greater knowledge of musical ideas and phrases context within songs. Able to execute melisma quickly, demonstrating control of his passagio. Good dynamic diversity as well.

His lower register though easily the weakest part of his range, is well supported, sounding dark and healthy down to Bb2. His mid-register gains a smokier texture as he ascends, brightening significantly, and showing off his vocal colors more so than other areas. His upper chest voice has been developing a more even mix, showing openness up to B4. Malik can stay in the Tenor tessitura consistently, showing off his incredible ease (“Pillowtalk”).

A beautiful falsetto with the ability to seamlessly transition from chest to head voice (see You and I). A light vibrato can be heard in this register as well. Malik can project in this register excellently without strain (“BeFour” and “She”).

Negatives: Upper chest notes can sound tense as his mixed voice hasn’t fully developed yet, struggling more with closed syllables. His throat and jaw have shown extreme tension while singing. Most notes lack vibrato, or the vibrato is very subtle. His diction has also been unpolished and awkward. Melismas may not be clear.




G2 – C5 – G#5


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