Tori Kelly: Voice Profile and Vocal Range

Vocal Range: C#3 – A5 – B6

Vocal Type: Light-Lyric Soprano (3 Octaves, and 5 notes)

Positives: Incredible melismatic prowess, being able to ascend and descend into any area of her voice with ease. Her runs have a pearl-like clarity, with each note clearly defined. The lower register maintains clarity down to D3, while she can phonate a semitone further down. The midrange is bright and piercing, with no strain present, allowing her to hold notes for extended periods without fatigue. Her mid-upper belts maintain a piercing quality to a lesser degree. The head voice is soft and sweet, as is her whistle register. A quick, jaw-free vibrato covers her voice outside of her lower register. Overall a unique instrument with great musicianship and solid technique.

Negatives: She utilizes her melismas very often, which can be irritable to some. Kelly also tends to close off her throat past Eb5, causing some belts to sound choked and thin. This seems to have improved recently (see the bridge of “Nobody Love”).

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