Vocal Range and Voice Profile: JoJo

Vocal Range: A2 – G5 – C#7

Vocal Fach: Lyric Mezzo-Soprano (4 octaves and 2 notes)

Positives: Incredible clarity throughout her range. Her melismas maintain a pearl-like clarity, fluidity, and even-ness throughout her chest voice and head voice, without the need to change the vowel. This agility has continued to improve over time. Solid stamina and breath support throughout her voice.

The lower register is strong and supported, and maintains the aforementioned clarity down to C3, while being able to consistently reach B2. These notes are achieved with a neutral larynx down to D3 and avoid sounding forced. Jojo colors these lower notes beautifully and utilizes them as a contrast to her more flamboyant and exciting upper register.

Her middle register/belts are warm, bright and glimmering, with a healthy placement, mixing and vibrato. This area is projected well (and has been projected better over time), being resonant and rarely strained. This is where her voice truly shines. Her upper-belts though outside of her tessitura, have shown potential to resonate, with an ability to stay in this register for extended periods (Limbo). Over time, she has managed to decrease the nasality that was more present in her youth.

Her head-voice is well explored and connected, remaining feminine, and agile throughout. The whistle register, though rarely explored, is piercing with a rolling vibrato.

Negatives: Her upper chest voice is where her technique falters: belts above D5 begin to sound shouty and throaty, with her placement trying to compensate for her carrying too much weight too high into her upper belts. Her mixed voice could also use development to become more even and less chest dominant. Nasality is also an issue at points, notably in her upper chest voice.

B2 – F#5 – C6


A2 – G5 – B5

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