Harry Styles: Voice Profile and Vocal Range (2021)

Harry Styles Courtesy of Columbia Records

Vocal Range: D2 – C5 – B5 (3 octaves and a major sixth)[1]https://therangeplanet.proboards.com/thread/838/harry-styles

Vocal Type: Lyric Baritone

Vocal Rating: Singer

Analysis: A dark but boyish voice that is the product of Styles’ influences, such as Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney, and David Bowie. His instrument is relatively clear, though coarse on its edges as the result of stylistic choices and some tension. He has become known for impassioned vocal performances that will often opt for emotional impact over technical perfection, which is an ideology that is in line with many of his influences (and contemporaries).

Styles has a dark and husky lower register down to B2, but he can reach seemingly easily reach down to F2 but has yet to fully explore his full prowess in this part of his voice. While this register loses considerable volume below D3, it rarely sounds forced. He can carry his pleasant, natural rolling vibrato all the way down to B2 (“Cherry”), and colors these notes nicely by darkening his sound.

His midrange is where he sounds most comfortable and natural. For the majority of “Cherry,” his relaxation and ease allow his vibrato to shine, rolling cleanly and evenly on much of the verses. When his vibrato begins to oscillate unevenly or there is no vibrato at all, it is often a sign of tension in his voice, which increases as he ascends in his modal voice.

Concerningly, his belts are noticeably tense and pushed. Signs of damage and subpar technique show in belts starting at F#4, though his natural ease carries him up to A4. Past that point, the sound is very tightly squeezed and inconsistent in terms of intonation, and he will often “yelp” for the notes, making it unclear if he could sing them cleanly if he tried. While he can push his voice to reach these notes, there is likely a way for him to sing these with more freedom that would also preserve the sound he is trying to achieve at the same time.

While Styles usually saves his head voice and falsetto for background vocals, it is clear that he can mix his voice slightly (“Lights Up”) but also achieve different textures and colors with this part of his range (“Adore You”). Again, his rolling vibrato shines here in his falsetto, adding an ornament on top of his beautiful natural tone (“Fine Line”).

Overall Styles is a vocalist with natural talent and ease, but also one who eschews technical footing as well. And while that is a perfectly legitimate artistic choice, it seems likely that he will have to make some adjustments to his vocal technique or his artistry to sustain this.

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What is Harry Styles’ vocal range?

Harry Styles has a vocal range of approximately three octaves and a major sixth, spanning D2 – C5 – B5.

What is Harry Styles’ vocal type or fach?

Harry Styles is a lyric baritone.

What is Harry Styles’ highest note?

Harry Styles can belt up to C5 and sing up to B5, just a half step below soprano C.

What is Harry Styles’ lowest note?

Harry Styles’ lowest note is a D2 in “Cherry.”

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