Christina Grimmie: Voice Profile and Vocal Range

Vocal Range: B2 – A5 – F#6

Vocal Fach: Light-Lyric Soprano (3 octaves, 3 notes)

Positives: A bright, and light feminine tone. Ability to sing complex melismas and sustain notes for extended periods of time. A light rolling vibrato can be found from F3 – D5. Capable of properly executed vocal drives. Does well musically with softer, legato passages.

A decent lower register with dark low notes that are achieved with ease and support down to Eb3. Though this is the weakest part of her voice, it is a relatively strong one for a soprano like Grimmie.

As she ascends, she gains more of a nasally, metallic twang, but this effect has been lessening as of late. Piercing, resonant belts that have become more evenly mixed over time (see Wrecking Ball, Find Me). The area from B4 – E5 is the true highlight of Grimmie’s voice, demonstrating forward placement, an open sound, and great projection. She brings down her head voice to create a solid mixed voice around D5, being slightly heady with a wide vibrato that projects easily through even the heaviest instrumentation.

Beautiful, warm head voice, accompanied by a clean falsetto in the upper registers.

Negatives: A nasal twang accompanies her voice due to unconventional vocal placement (see the final belt of Deception). Televised performances are often not on par with her other performances. Improvised runs may sound labored and be messy. Guilty of being overzealous with her melismas and upper belts. Minor intonation issues, mostly in the upper register; this register is also prone to thinning above E5. Falsetto notes become thin and strained in the 6th octave.

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