Brendon Urie: Voice Profile and Vocal Range (2022)

brendon urie voice profile

Vocal Range: D2 – C5 – F#6 (4 octaves and a major third)[1]

Vocal Fach: Light Lyric Tenor

Vocal Rating: Vocalist

Analysis: With a career spanning nearly two decades at the top of the rock music industry, Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco is admired as one of the finest vocalists in his field. His brash, fearless vocal performances and expansive vocal range are supported by a strong technical and pedagogical foundation that exceeds that of his contemporaries. Given his rock and musical theatre work, he is a versatile and certainly talented vocalist.

Urie is undoubtedly a tenor, given his bright, boyish tone and natural comfort in the tenor tessitura. While he performs intense vocal work like that of Freddie Mercury, his voice is relatively light and picks up distortion easily, which suggests that he is of the light lyric tenor fach. Still, Urie gets considerable power and projection from his voice and has a lower register that’s more expansive than that of the typical pop tenor.

Urie has excellent diction, not only clearly articulating his lyrics but also using technically informed vowel choices to maintain strong breath support and ease. He also demonstrates knowledge of the position of his larynx, being conscious of keeping it in a more neutral setting to prevent excess tension.[2]Sam Johnson, Voice Teacher Reacts to Panic! At The Disco – Bohemian Rhapsody Urie does notably use his jaw when executing his vibrato, which adds a small but unnecessary degree of tension to his voice.[3]Sam Johnson, Panic! At The Disco – “Say It Ain’t So” (Weezer Cover) | Voice Teacher Reacts

His bright, clear voice pierces through his often heavy instrumentation. The lower register is dark and gravelly, reaching down to F#2 with ease and phonating down to D2. As he ascends, he quickly gathers a bright, piercing and peppy tone. His voice is seamlessly blended across his passagi, which allows for an extensive and resonant belting range (“This is Gospel”). His voice can even soar into the sixth octave with a surprising degree of freedom. However, the demanding nature of his songs can sometimes cause his voice to sound tired and strained, especially above G5, with some notes having resonance and others sounding pinched and tired.

Overall, Urie is a technically strong vocalist who could hold his own against other professionals outside of the pop field. His years of training and discipline have delivered tangible results, making Brendon Urie’s voice and confidence deserving of envy.

What is Brendon Urie’s vocal range?

Brendon Urie’s vocal range is approximately four octaves and a major third, spanning D2 to F#6.

What is Brendon Urie’s highest note?

Brendon Urie’s highest note is an F#6, the first F# above soprano c (C6).

What is Brendon Urie’s voice type or vocal fach?

Brendon Urie is a light lyric tenor.

What is Brendon Urie’s lowest note?

Brendon Urie’s lowest note is a D2.

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