Single Review: YONAKA lose their spark on the comeback “Seize the Power”

The British alternative-rock quartet YONAKA returns with a thud on the IDLES’ inspired “Seize the Power.”

For those who have yet to be enlightened, the Brighton-based band YONAKA made waves in the last half of the 2010s with their debut output Don’t Wait Til Tomorrow, which boasted big and boisterous rock jams like their signature tracks “Punchbag” and “Rockstar.” Lead vocalist Theresa Jarvis carried the latter tune with a full-bodied and enthralling vocal performance, accompanied by a massive drum production and chorus line to match. That same ravenous energy is nowhere to be found on the band’s comeback single “Seize the Power.”

Where their previous singles were relatively straightforward with their pop-like structure, “Seize the Power” wanders aimlessly and confusingly toward a meek rock/trap drop. Beginning with a respectable attempt to supercharge IDLES’ Ultra Mono, Jarvis’ phrasing borders on an impression of Joe Talbot, and her band’s backing gives the almost unmistakable air of a tribute. Until the bizarre and unnecessary breakdown, that sound is somewhat promising, but the amalgamation of different ideas and sounds that the band seems curious to try ends up producing a disarrayed and cluttered song.

As Jarvis chants “I’m a believer,” she sounds like she’s in need of some convincing herself.

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