Single Review: Bexx isn’t so “Hard To Love” on her debut single

Supported by a great production, Bexx introduces herself with an exhilarating 80s inspired performance.

We’re delighted to see a new face in Indie Pop, with the debut of UK artist Bexx. “Hard To Love,” released earlier last month, is a reverb-heavy pop-rock banger that is instantly reminiscent of 80s staples Heart and Blondie, with a vocal that’s just as ferocious. This sound is of course one data point in a larger trend of 80s synthpop revival, but instead of running to Madonna or Whitney, Bexx treads slightly off the beaten path towards a glam rock palette. Her voice is glassy and gritless, shattering on the high notes and gleaming on all of those in between. Though the vocal is slightly too prominent in the mix, the drum hits and guitar riffs are deftly placed, making the track peppy and enjoyable even as she publicly laments her faults in a simple but contagiously catchy melody. If you’ve been awaiting the return of Avril, or Miley’s Plastic Hearts just wasn’t quite enough, Bexx can surely tide you over.

Stream “Hard To Love” on Spotify here.

Note: A previous version of this article incorrectly conflated Bexx with an Australian pop singer of the same name. This has since been corrected.

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