Pop Smarts Playlist: October 26th

40 of the freshest and bestest tracks in Pop today, right at your fingertips.

A few weeks ago marked the launch of our new curated playlist, simply titled Pop Smarts. Stay on top of the best releases in Pop by checking one single playlist! Every month, we’ll be updating this playlist with 40 of the best releases across the Pop spectrum, from mainstream hitters like Megan Thee Stallion and Ariana Grande to acclaimed Indie releases from stars like Yves Tumor, MUNA, and more. Gracing this month’s playlist cover is Lil Nas X, the chronically online superstar who released his first full-length album this past month.

Read about some of the selections below:

Lil Nas X – “That’s What I Want”

“That’s What I Want” sees Lil Nas X tackle Top 40 pop head-on – with his biggest chorus to date. While he has written pop tracks before that may have been too large for him to carry, his stepping up to the plate as a songwriter and singer here adds another layer to his already impressive versatility.

Del Water Gap – “Better Than I Know Myself”

The return of Adele was somewhat standard fare – a piano ballad with modest instrumental support, relying on Adele’s timbre and lyricism to tell the love story. It’s another instance of Adele shining in her simplicity, with a track so pristine that any changes would have diluted it.

Yebba – “Boomerang (Live)”

Yebba is quickly emerging as a premier vocalist in the pop music industry, garnering adoration from powerhouses like Jojo and Demi Lovato, and for good reason. While her voice is surely the star of the show here, the groovy backing from instrumentalists of her absurd caliber makes for three minutes of true musical euphoria. 

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