Playlist: Pop Smarts, September 24th

40 of the freshest and bestest tracks in Pop today, right at your fingertips.

A few weeks ago we launched our curated playlist, simply titled Pop Smarts. Stay on top of the best releases in Pop by checking one single playlist! Every month, we’ll be updating this playlist with 40 of the best releases across the Pop spectrum, from mainstream hitters like Megan Thee Stallion and Ariana Grande to acclaimed Indie releases from stars like Yves Tumor, MUNA, and more. Gracing this month’s playlist cover is Charli XCX, the left-field pop star whose latest single sees her break from her more recent hyper pop stylings in favor of 80s style synthpop.

Read about some of our selections below:

Image courtesy of Atlantic UK

Charli XCX – “Good Ones”

After half a decade of hyper pop and PC music releases, veteran pop starlet Charli XCX veers back toward a more straightforward Pop track, with an unbelievably catchy, cyclical hook. Our favorite party girl is still emotionally unavailable as ever, lamenting about her habit of “letting the good ones go.”

Image Courtesy of Mom + Pop

Del Water Gap – “Better Than I Know Myself”

Rising Indie Pop-star Del Water Gap has been dripping singles throughout the year, with “Better Than I Know Myself” amongst the best of them. His voice, riddled with beautiful breaks, conveys the purest “soft boy” energy imaginable, as his music swells to a fever pitch.

Image courtesy of Tinashe Music, INC

Tinashe – “Bouncin”

A highlight from her recent project 333, Tinashe delivers a supercharged alt-R&B track that captures her cutting-edge sound. So much about the song is restrained – the almost monotone melody, the stripped production – but she knows how to impress without being overzealous about it.

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