Live Review: Sigrid @ Brooklyn Steel

The 25-year-old Scandinavian Pop sensation left the audience wanting a little more after a brisk set Wednesday night.

Sitting down at her crimson keyboard, crossover pop star Sigrid admitted to the audience that her voice hadn’t felt up to par that evening after overdoing it in rehearsals. Flustered, she dismissively flailed her hands, trying not to let her perfectionism detract from her acoustic performance of “Dynamite.” Across the room, it was hard to believe that this was an off-day. She sounded like a glass cannon – fragile yet impressively, deceptively capable of vocal violence. Her 75-minute performance was a low-key but high-energy affair; her setlist was split almost evenly between her new and old material.

The most significant flaw of the evening was not Sigrid’s performance but that this tour – if one could even call it that – appeared puzzlingly incomplete. It was only two dates, Los Angeles on Monday and New York on Wednesday, placed precisely a month before the release of her second album. No visual media accompanied her performance, which would be fine in a smaller venue but felt like a missed opportunity here, especially in comparison to prior shows at the same venue. There was, of course, merchandise made for the two-date affair in an attempt to legitimize it, but the show felt like something between a cash grab and a trial run, not a Pop star’s tour.

Sigrid strutted across the stage for her 2019 title track, “Sucker Punch.”

Nevertheless, Sigrid’s star power never dimmed on stage. Naturally charismatic and musically powerful, she’s an excellent live performer, even on an alleged off-day. For those at the two shows this week, they were probably sold a little short on what a full Sigrid experience could encompass. But as she hinted that a full tour would come after the album, one would still be wise to see a performer as dynamic and captivating as her.

Were you are her shows this week? Have you seen her before? What did you think? Comment below!

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