Kevin Parker: Voice Profile and Vocal Range (2022)

Kevin Parker of Tame Impala voice profile and vocal range

Vocal Range: G#2 – C5 – F#5 (3 octaves)[1]

Vocal Fach: Light Lyric Tenor

Vocal Rating: Singer-Songwriter

Analysis: Kevin Parker, The mastermind behind Tame Impala has both written and sung some of the biggest rock standards of the decade. Best known for his work as a producer and instrumentalist, Kevin Parker’s voice is unmistakable: his voice is light, bright, and slightly nasal. His more popular recordings feature higher melodies that have made his head-dominant sound a signature trait. While he may not have a particularly athletic instrument, it is a unique one that he has neatly blended with his production style.

While he is recognized for his higher vocal lines, Parker has shown some versatility with his deliveries. Parker’s vocal choices also match his productions well: when singing more psychedelic tracks like “Yes I’m Changing” he opts for a soft, head dominant and nasal sound, while his more clear cut rock songs such as “Into The Jungle” are sung with a more chest dominant one.

His midrange is where he sounds the most open and relaxed, but at either extreme of his vocal range, his timbre shifts considerably, especially around his first passagio which suggests that he hasn’t been able to blend his chest and head voice to the fullest yet. Despite this, he can switch between the two registers rather quickly as heard in “Borderline.” His head voice seems to be where he is the most comfortable, and consequentially, most impressive. He demonstrates some control over his texture and timbre here (compare the F#5s in “Confide in Me”). This higher tessitura contributes to his classification as a Light Lyric Tenor, in combination with his very light vocal weight and small volume output.

Unfortunately, Parker struggles with intonation live, which given his experience as a musician would suggest a technical issue rather than an ear training one. His stamina in his head voice also seems limited, even as he is often locked into his head-dominant voice at most times, which can become tiresome for his listeners. He often hides his voice in his productions which makes it difficult to assess, but it is clear that his strengths as an artist lie in his skills as a producer and instrumentalist, so this is a perfectly legitimate technique.

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What is Kevin Parker’s vocal range?

Kevin Parker’s vocal range is just shy of three octaves, spanning G#2 – C5 – F#5.

What is Kevin Parker’s vocal type or fach?

Kevin Parker is a light lyric tenor. He has a bright, youthful voice with a small volume output and light vocal weight.

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