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The Pop Smarts is the successor to the music blog Critic of Music, which garnered over 7,000,000 pageviews in 7 years before being sold in 2019. The Pop Smarts seeks to build on its legacy of reviews, articles, and artist profiles as a research-based digital publication.

The Pop Smarts seeks to take a classical approach to evaluating music and art, focusing on traditional, technical interpretations but also incorporating new, modern means as well. These are applied with a focus on and appreciation of modern pop musicians whose works are too often dismissed or removed from critical discourse. This endeavor is ideologically driven by values of diversity and respect.

The work of The Pop Smarts belongs solely to a classically trained musician and recording industry professional. There is (at least) one post a week, every Friday. For professional opportunities or inquiries, submissions, or just to say hi, one can reach out to admin@thepopsmarts.com.


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