A Beginner’s Guide to St. Vincent

As we prepare for ‘Daddy’s Home’ on May 14th, make sure you’re up to speed with Annie Clark’s discography thus far.

Want to get into St. Vincent but don’t know where to start? With seven studio albums under her belt and an eighth on the way, it may felt a bit daunting to try to wade through a discography like hers. But fret not, for we have the best course of action for beginning your journey into the marvelous world of her cerebral pop-rock.

We’ve broken her sound down into three component parts: pop, rock, and avant-garde. While each record has its mix of all three, those genres appear stronger in some records than others. Here, you get to choose your adventure, ensuring that your journey is the best one suited for you. Your journey will begin with what is widely regarded as her magnum opus: her 2014 self-titled record. Boasting career-defining tracks like “Digital Witness” and “Birth in Reverse,” you’re bound to find something that you like. And while it’s perhaps not as easily digestible as her poppiest record, Masseduction, it represents the core of her sound and artistry and provides the best compass for your path forward.

But just in case this isn’t the game plan for you – and you just want the highlights – be sure to check out the playlist below, which will get you caught up on her singles and fan favorites before “Daddy” is finally back “Home” on May 14th.

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